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Evil redefined

I still remember when I first got my hands on the Polish edition of Castle Drachenfels for WFRP in the late 90s. The first contact

Scene 2 – teaser

Scene 2, incoming. Heroes, adventurers or fortune seekers, if you will, approach the Castle. A party including a human, an elf and a dwarf. A

Study of a Demon

I owe the idea for Wilhelm’s character to the WFRP 1ed core rulebook. The bestiary there includes a “Demonic Servant”. To be fair, when you

Author’s update

After years of waiting and many months of work, the website was launched yesterday. It’s a bit of a weird (but definitely not unpleasant) feeling

Act 1, Scene 1

In this scene we meet our protagonists. Adventurers are approaching the castle and Wilhelm is being lazy and whiny. This is how it usually begins…

We’re online!

Let’s get it started! Welcome back to Drach Tales. It’s great to get back to publishing. Some info for newcomers, first. Drach Tales is a