What’s all this, then?

nce upon a time, in 2004, a project was launched and it was called Drach Tales. Since then, it is a satirical play set in dark fantasy realities, strongly inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play system, but also referring to broadly understood fantasy in general, as well as works of literature outside this canon, fairy tales, stories and so on. The materials presented on this website are entirely original. I wrote the first dozen or so acts in the years 2004-2010 and have now remastered them and translated into English. The illustrations you will find here were made to order by talented artists from around the world. At this point, I would like to emphasize that this is by no means an official material for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, nor has it anything to do with Games Workshop, Cubicle 7, or any other publisher that owns rights to Warhammer. However, I do strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the WFRP and its present, wonderful, fourth edition.

Originally, the materials were published on another website made in html and widely commented on the irc #curse channel. If you are a reader from these great times, please contact me. A complementary Drach Tales t-shirt is waiting for you.

Drachenfels Castle and its infamous owner, Count Constant Drachenfels, depicted in my play, differs from the one depicted in WFRP. I have always believed that the castle and its inhabitants are full of untapped potential.

Drach Tales is a comedy vision of a dark castle and an all-powerful wizard bored with his longevity. It is also a satire on all kinds of adventurers and player characters, as well as the stereotypes associated with them, which all Game Masters know all too well. I hope that each of the readers will find something amusing for themselves, and perhaps also find references to already played sessions or a source of inspiration for future ones. Wilhelm, the demonic servant of Count Constant Drachenfels, will be your guide in this castle.

The materials posted on this website are free, but remember that they are protected by copyright. The theft of my materials is additionally subject to the curse of smelly feet. You have been warned.

Enjoy your stay!