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Let’s split-up gang! – reference

The current scene has a fairly obvious Scooby-Doo reference. I’m not exactly a fan of this cartoon, but I love the “let’s split-up” motive. I

Act 2, Scene 10: It was Fluffy

Betrayal and deception are everyday business in the lives of the creatures of the Void. In today’s scene, Fluffy goes for a walk and Wilhelm

Act 2, Scene 9: The Duel

When the opposing forces are stronger and you cannot defeat the enemy in combat, it’s time to think out of the box and resort to…

Act 2, Scene 9 – teaser

Problems and difficulties. They are a natural fact and a sort of daily routine for Wilhelm. Sometimes however, the demon makes the additional effort to

Act 2, Scene 8: We Bring Gifts

Drachenfels reaches his destination. With him, he carries death… literally and figuratively. Firstly, however, the Great Enchanter will tell the elves a little story. Scene

Act 2, Scene 7: Death

Time to take a break from the siege and Wilhelm’s struggles. In today’s scene, we will check what Drachenfels is up to. The Great Enchanter