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Act 1, Scene 4: Snitch

The fact that we have guests at the Castle, doesn’t mean everything is suddenly about them. Demons and other residents go about their existence and

No Gold in the Grey Mountains

My adventure with Castle Drachenfels began somewhat unusually. Granted however, everything was a bit unusual in the 90s. Back in those days, when everything was

Author’s update #3

It’s Sunday, time for an update. Drach Tales We have already published 3 scenes of the first act. From the author’s perspective, it is an

Scene 3 – teaser

What scared the dwarf? Find out this Saturday. Scene 3 – Don’t ask difficult questions, just loot. The heroes begin to search the Castle, which

Ignorance is bliss

Heroes visiting the Castle are most often fearless daredevils seeking glory, treasure, power and so on. However, many of them do not seem to be

Author’s update #2

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another author’s update. Remember that you can also receive regular spam directly to your inbox. Just feed the goblin

Act 1, Scene 2: Here they come

Time for Scene 2: Here they come. In this scene a party of adventurers reach the castle. Outside the castle gate they meet Wilhelm and


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