Rules and legal BS

Rules of use

Rule # 1: Don’t be a jerk. Seriously, if you follow this rule, you should be fine. Don’t offend others, don’t steal intellectual property, don’t post naked photos or do things that are illegal or generally considered lame. You can criticize as much as you like, but if you don’t like any of the scenes and you find my style an offense to literature itself, know that there are other sites on the Internet as well and they are surely way better. I can modify and expand these rules whenever I feel like it.


Everything I wrote is for you to read and share with your friends. I will be happy if you link my website on your website, blog or facebook wall. However, do not publish my material as your own and do not earn money from my writing in any way. It’s just not fair. This also applies to any graphics that I have posted on the website and illustrations of scenes. In other words, all rights reserved.

Personal data

I don’t care what your real name is, and just like you probably, I don’t care about how your personal data is processed as long as it doesn’t lead to weird calls from call centers about pots on sale or backache ointments. However, if you do provide me with some personal data, my site will necessarily use them to run a comment system or to handle your other activity here. If Google, Microsoft or other entities operating my website receive access to your personal data, it is done automatically without my participation and for the purposes of use of this website and the services they provide. If you are really bored, read about personal data here. Privacy policy below.

Privacy policy (personal data protection)

1) Introductory information

The author of the website is the owner of all copyrights to the materials posted on it and the administrator of personal data (serious title)

e-mail: likh [at]

2) What data do I process and what for?

Your personal data such as nickname, e-mail address and any other data that you provide to me for some reason via the comment system or e-mail will be used:

to run the comment system – the data will be visible to all website users and your comments may magically disappear if you violate the website regulations;

to consider complaints, claims and other reports – if you have any claims against me, requests or other comments, I will use your personal data to settle this matter. Then, if there are no claims related to it, I intend to delete this data;

to keep statistics – your data may be used to monitor the activity on my website;

to conduct marketing activities – you will receive information from me about news and interesting facts on the website, but only if you agree to it;

processing cookies – adjusting the content of the website to the needs of users (also for marketing purposes) optimizing the use of websites;

data processing on the Drach Tales profile on Facebook – keeping current correspondence using the tools provided by Facebook, including Messenger, and other marketing activities

Remember that if something does not suit you, you can just write to me.

3) Has a DPO been appointed?


4) Who can I share your data with?

– state authorities or other entities authorized under the provisions of law,

– entities supporting me in maintaining this website, in particular: suppliers of external ICT systems supporting my operations, including Microsoft

5) What are your rights?

You have all the rights that you are entitled to under the GDPR, i.e. if you are very, very bored, e.g. access to your data, rectification of this data, deletion, processing restrictions, etc.

6) Do you have to provide me with your personal data?

Where it is necessary to use the website (e.g. comment system) yes, if you want to use it. In the remaining scope, it is voluntary (do not provide me with your data if it is not necessary, I do not want it).

7) Will the data be transferred to the so-called Third countries?

Not by me, but IT subcontractors have their subcontractors (minions) in various countries. If you don’t want minions to fumble with your data, just don’t share it.

8) Will personal data be used for automated decision-making (profiling)?

I have no idea what that is, but no.

Have you read to the end? That’s sad. Now read something cool, Drach Tales is waiting.