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et’s get it started! Welcome back to Drach Tales. It’s great to get back to publishing. Some info for newcomers, first. Drach Tales is a satirical play very loosely set in the heavily modified realities of Castle Drachenfels. Warhammer first edition veterans certainly are familiar with the WFRP version. Here, however, the Castle is different, and so is Constant Drachenfels.

The beginnings of the Drach Tales date back to 2004, when scenes were published at irregular intervals. Over the years, more than 130 of them have been written. More on What’s all this,then?

After quite a few years of silence, I’m back with both remastered and brand new material. Most of the old scenes will get a tweak here and there. Many scenes have also been illustrated by talented artists from all over the world.

All the graphics and illustrations you will find on this website have been ordered specifically for Drach Tales (yes, like the one above). Each illustration is a result of hours of an artist’s work, but also consultations, revisions and a lot of other work. Everything for the single purpose that the final artwork reflects the specific atmosphere of Drach Tales.

We start from the very beginning of the play, publishing act after act, scene after scene, interlude after interlude. Complete (refreshed, remastered or completely new) acts will be published at intervals of one scene per week along with the interlude. There will also be short intermissions between acts (we need to give the artists some creative time).

Drach Tales is not only about a staryical play. I will also be publishing WFRP material, reviews, and various other random posts. If you want to be up to date, follow Drach Tales on FB and TT.

Feel free to comment or contact me directly.


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