Now playing: Act 3, Scene 13: And it was going so well. Interlude coming up soon!


Interlude I: Little Red Riding Hood

Merry Christmas! It’s time for our first Interlude. In between acts, we have interludes in which William reads books to the audience in the Castle

Act 1, Scene 13: Meet Herr Drachenfels

Time for the Grand Finale! Our heroes, although it may come as a surprise to them, have reached their goal. In slightly unusual circumstances, they

Act 1, Scene 12: The Visit

Time for the penultimate scene of this act. Wilhelm is struggling against time, but he is caught up in the gray reality again. Death and

Act 1, Scene 11: Furniture

The existence of a demon in Castle Drachenfels, is not such a holiday as it may seem. As it turns out, being summoned to the

Act 1, Scene 10: In the morning

The adventurers survived the night in the Castle, which is quite a feat in itself. They are slowly overwhelmed by the horrors they encounter and

Act 1, scene 9: Gargoyles

Our heroes are slowly understanding the true nature of the Castle. After the last fight, they are badly beaten up. Some are bruised physically, others