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Act 3, Scene 4: Spark of Carnage

Time for some action. Today’s scene didn’t require much remastering. It’s what you call a Castle Drachenfels classic. The adventurers find themselves in a very

Act 3, Scene 3: Sigmar’s Room

The extraordinary behavior of the adventurers sometimes requires Wilhelm to be excessively creative. Fortunately, this is exactly this demon’s thing. Despite his general general, not

Act 3, Scene 2: Bardul

In today’s scene we will meet another recurring resident of Castle Drachenfels. Bardul is a hunchbacked dwarf with a very unusual hobby. Act 3, Scene

Act II ready for download

You can now download the .pdf version of the entire Act II + Interlude II here in the download section. Next up, Act III.

Interlude II: The Legend of Sigmar

Time for another Interlude. Today, I present to you the true “Legend of Sigmar” … or at least the version that Wilhelm is willing to

Act 2, Scene 13: Return of the Count

Time for this Acts finale. Constant Drachenfels return home but he’s not impressed with what he sees. A certain demon has some explaining to do.

Act 2, Scene 12: Stop dispelling me

Never trust a demon. Time for the final showdown between Wilhelm and Brother Albert. Time: high… midnight. Place: the Great Chamber of Summoning. Act 2,