Act 3

Scene 9: By the well

astle courtyard. In the middle, an inconspicuous well. In a distant corner of the stage, the entrance to the stable, in front of it a dead donkey, and then the Castle gate. Lithaniel and Yorri are standing by the well, about to throw Jack into it. Nearby Gottfried is watching them with a distressed face.]

[Gottfried] [in a hesitant voice] Are you sure you want to do this?

[Lithaniel, Yorri] [both nodding] Yup.

[Gottfried] Maybe he could still be cured?

[Lithaniel, Yorri] Na-ah.

[Lithaniel] Okay, let’s go … on the count of four. One … Two… Three …

[At this point, Wilhelm walks onto the stage, waving an old, ornamented Cathayan parasol. He walks around for a while looking for a spot, then stops. After that he makes a brief pause calculating something under his breath, takes two steps to the side, nods with satisfaction, and opens his parasol.]

[Lithaniel] [interrupting the countdown, to Wilhelm] … what’s with you, now?

[At this point, expecting the count of “four”, the dwarf makes a swing with the unconscious Jack. Due to the lack of support from his mate, he loses his balance and falls into the well himself. A splash is heard.]

[Lithaniel] [looking at the place where the dwarf was standing a moment ago] Yorri? [goes to the well and looks inside] Yorri, you idiot. Why did you jump in there?

[Yorri] [choking on water] Damn … narrow-waist … useless … tree-climber!

[Lithaniel] Don’t get so excited, hold on …

[Then, however, the entire courtyard begins to tremble, and Wilhelm grasps his parasol more tightly. After a few seconds, a powerful stream of water spouts from the well, lifting Yorri high. Then the stream of water hits the courtyard and forms a humanoid creature. The dwarf, on the other hand, greets the pavement with his back. Everyone is drenched with lots of water.]

[Yorri] [choking] Yh …

[Lithaniel] What the …?

[Gottfried] It’s a Water Elemental!

[Wilhelm] [shaking his head] Mother didn’t teach you that you shouldn’t swim in the well?

[Lithaniel jumps back terrified. Seeing this, Gottfried mutters a magic formula … at this point the elemental “makes a surprised look” and instantly dissolves. The water slowly returns to the well.]

[Wilhelm] [opening his mouth wide] Wait, what?

[The demon goes to the well and looks inside in disbelief.]

[Wilhelm] [towards the inside of the well] Hey! Come back here! You are a disgrace to all paranormal phenomena in the world! [after a pause, directing his steps towards Gottfried] What did you do to him ?!

[Gottfried] [with satisfaction, inspecting his nails] Ah, yes. A little spell called “Banish elemental.”

[Wilhelm] What ?! You cast “Sleep” fifteen times before you got it! Are you trying to tell me that you managed such a complicated and high-level spell at first attempt?!

[Gottfried] [reproachfully] I told you that petty magic is always the hardest!

[Lithaniel] [pushing away the surprised Wilhelm] Gottie, my friend! I was wrong about you!

[Gottfried] [holding his head up high] Apologize …

[Lithaniel] What now?

[Gottfried] You and the dwarf … If you want me to help you further, you have to apologize to me.

[Lithaniel] [through his teeth] Okay, okay … [whispering] sorry …

[Gottfried] I can’t hear you.

[Lithaniel] I said I was sorry! The little bastard will apologize as well, but his spine seems to have snapped, so he needs to be patched up first.

[Gottfried] [pleased, rolling up his sleeves] I’m on it.

[Wilhelm furiously approaches the well once more.]

[Wilhelm] Get back here and fight them! You hear me?!

[Wilhelm is struck by a splash of water from the well.]

[Wilhelm] [in a demonic whisper] I’ll bury this damn hole, just you wait … [then he dodges another shot of water.]

[The demon walks away.]

[Wilhelm] [to himself] Well, how am I supposed to prevent them from going away, now?

[Lithaniel] [catching Wilhelms words with his elven senses] Don’t worry, lackey. Since Gottfried turned out not to stink so much at magic, as soon as we patch up the little one and bury the smaller one, we set off into the Castle.

[Wilhelm] [quieter to himself] Ignorance is bliss, after all …

[Gottfried] [looking around the empty courtyard] By the way … Where is Jack?

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