Act 3

Scene 7: Chain Summoning

sleeping chamber. There is a large bed with a black canopy and Yorri is resting on it. Lithaniel is seated in an ornate wooden chair next to a dresser standing against the south wall of the room. Gottfried stands by the window and, slightly lifting a curtain, observes the Castle courtyard.]

[Gottfried] [with melancholy in his voice] How are you, Yorri?

[Yorri] Bah! Great, my only regret is that the little bastard is six feet under, otherwise I would have his head for what he had done to me.

[Lithaniel] [ironically] Is that why you whined so much about letting you back inside?

[Yorri] Anyone ever plucked your eye out, tree-climber? Even a troll slayer is not immune to mutilation.

[Lithaniel] Excuses, excuses …

[Yorri] I can assure you that if Jack was still alive, I would be smashing his head in now!

[At these words, the door to the room snaps open. At the threshold of the room stands … Jack.]

[Gottfried] [hiding behind the curtain] By Sigmar!

[Lithaniel falls from the chair to the ground.]

[Yorri] [covering himself with the pillow] Aaaa !!!

[At this point, Wilhelm enters the room through the wall, literally, of course. The demon snaps his fingers. Time for everyone in the room, except for Wilhelm, stops. The human, the elf, the dwarf, and the halfling all freeze. Wilhelm looks at them for a moment, as if to be sure the spell has worked, then turns to the audience.]

[Wilhelm] At this point, some of you may be surprised to see Jack again, witnessing how he was killed and all. It is absolutely natural, but I think you deserve a little additional explanation. [clapping his hands] Flashback!

[The scene rotates one hundred and eighty degrees to reveal the scenery from scene five of this act. Everything looks exactly how our adventurers left it, including Jack lying lifeless on the table.]

[Wilhelm] [from behind the scenes] Now, I will try to recreate for you more or less the course of events from about an hour ago.

[The demon appears in the corridor outside the chamber. He clears his throat, bows to the audience.]

[Wilhelm] [to himself] Oh, I wonder what our nice guests are up to? I think I’ll pay them a visit. [knocking on the door, in an incredibly artificial voice] Hello, hello, is there anybody in there? Oh, I don’t think there’s anybody there, but I’ll check anyway. [opening the door, crossing the threshold, theatrically grabbing his head] For the love of everything! Jack, he is dead!

[The demon goes to the table and sheds a fake tear.]

[Wilhelm] [holding his head] He had all his life ahead of him! So many people to ki… [biting his tongue] All his life ahead of him! [suddenly pretending to think of an idea] Oh, I know! I will bring him back to life! [towards audience] Now I am going to demonstrate you a method of reviving a person, even if you do not have the knowledge relevant to the profession of a necromancer. However, please do not try to do this at home as it is very dangerous if you are not [clearing his throat] a professional. Excuse me for a moment, I have to teleport to the nearest village for a prop …

[The demon disappears, and then reappears in the same place with a very dirty, alcohol-smelling man next to him.]

[Wilhelm] [happily pointing to the man] Here we have, Herr Hobo [to the man] Pleas bow.

[The Hobo bows in confusion.]

[Wilhelm] [adjusting hid cuffs] First, we need to summon a demonic servant. We will achieve this by ritually sacrificing a human heart to the Dark Gods. For that we’ll use Herr Hobo here.

[At this point, Wilhelm rips the still beating heart from the bum’s chest with his bare hand, killing the man on the spot. Then he mumbles a short incantation. The heart disappears, and from a strange portal that suddenly forms on the wall, a demon with an appearance somewhat resembling Wilhelm comes out.]

[Wilhelm] [looking with satisfaction] Excellent. Such demonic servant can be used in the next part of our scheme, i.e. summoning a lesser demon.

[Johan] What the hell is going on here, Wilhlem?

[Wilhelm] [to the demon] Nothing, don’t worry about it, you’re going home.

[Wilhelm, just as he did with the bum, tears the demonic servant’s still beating heart from his chest, killing him in this world.]

[Wilhelm] [holding the new heart] We now will offer the fresh heart of the demonic servant to the Dark Gods again. [mumbles an incantation] And behold, a lesser daemon appears!

[This time a two-meter high creature with horns and a great sword in hand crosses the threshold of the portal.]

[Crogar Hyt] Raaagh! Blood for the Blood God!

[Wilhelm] [irreverently] Yes, yes… you little Khornate dummy, you.

[Wilhelm does the same with this demon as with the previous two victims.]

[Wilhelm] [holding a new heart in his hand] “Why for do we need a lesser demon’s heart?”, one might ask … To summon a greater one, of course!

[Wilhelm mutters an incantation, and from the portal emerges a creature that barely fits into the room. He us an insect-like creature with a bee’s abdomen, a dog’s mouth, and pigeon wings.]

[Ute] [slightly buzzing] What’s going on here, why do you summon me, Wilhelm?

[Wilhelm] [towards the audience] I’m quite popular, aren’t I? [to the demon] I have a job for you.

[Ute] You know the rules, Wilhelm, everything has it’s price.

[Wilhelm] [taking out a purse with a runic inscription “Soul wallet”] Here you go … [giving the demon two parchments taken from the purse] Two souls. One for the service and one for trouble.

[Ute] Okay, what am I supposed to do?

[Wilhelm] [pointing to the dead halfling] Revive this.

[The giant demon raises his hands up and mumbles a short chant. Jack opens his eyes. Without a word, the demon shakes hands with Wilhelm and disappears.]

[Jack] [in the voice of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings] Blood…

[Wilhelm] [in the voice of a cook in a culinary show] And this is how we bring our corpse back to life! [in a normal voice] Let’s get back to our adventurers…

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