Act 3

Scene 2: Bardul

astle music hall. A large room, in the middle of which there is a platform for the conductor, on which Wilhelm stands equipped with a baton. From the left, the orchestra consists of three goblins with violins, two banshees, three wights, four wolves, and on the right, a muscular zombie by a huge bell. Wilhelm looks to the left, nods his head slightly, clears his throat, looks to the right, nods again, strikes the baton a few times on the stand in front of him, then raises his hands up. He then points to the zombie who strikes the bell. Then the demonic conductor gives signal to the goblins who begin to butcher the violin passionately. Moments later, the wolves and wights start wailing, and finally the banshees hit the high pitches. Wilhelm conducts with a clearly pleased expression, but at one point he hears a knock on the door. Irritated, he gestures for silence.]

[Wilhelm] [towards the door] What ?! We have a rehearsal!

[Bardul] [outside the door] Herr Wilhelm, there’s a problem.

[Wilhelm descends from the elevation with irritation and walks towards the door.]

[Wilhelm] [to himself] The hell with it, how is an artist supposed to create in such conditions?

[The demon opens the door. In the doorway stands a brown bearded, hunchbacked dwarf with a distant gaze. In his left hand he wields a massacred clock.]

[Wilhelm] [with mock pity] What is it Bardul? Lost your hammer again?

[Bardul] No, Herr Wilhelm.

[Wilhelm] So what happened? Earthquake?

[Bardul] No, not that.

[Wilhelm] Then listen, you have to tell me, because I’m slowly running out of ideas.

[Bardul] But what should I tell you?

[Wilhelm] [striking his forehead with his open palm] You came here to tell me something important… or at least it should be important for your own sake.

[Bardul] Did I?

[Wilhelm] [with a sigh] Look, I don’t have time for this, I’m working on some sound effects to welcome our adventurers…

[Bardul] Exactly! Adventurers!

[Wilhelm] [with sudden interest] What about them?

[Bardul] [thinking] Right, what about them…

[Wilhelm] Did they break anything?

[Bardul] No.

[Wilhelm] Have they escaped?

[Bardul] No, that’s not it.

[Wilhelm] By all the Dark Gods of Bardul, focus. Have they gone somewhere?!

[Bardul] Yes!

[Wilhelm] Where?

[Bardul] What?

[Wilhelm] Eh… It’s hard to speak with you. Where did the adventurers go to?

[Bardul] Who?

[Wilhelm] [in resigned voice] No, wait, we’re not getting anywhere like this…

[The demon takes the broken clock from the dwarf’s hand and hits him hard on the head with it. The dwarf sways on his feet…]

[Bardul] [in one breath] The adventurers have crept into the forbidden room blessed by Sigmar and intend to spend the night there.

[…and falls unconscious to the floor.]

[Wilhelm] [in a satisfied voice] Well, that’s better… [with his eyes wide open, in a high voice] Wait, what?! Who the hell allowed them to do that?! They want a safe night at the Castle, do they?! Over my dead body! [towards the orchestra] Rehearsal’s finished, I have to deal with the mortals. [towards the zombie] Zack!

[Zack] Yh?

[Wilhelm] You’re coming with me. I’ll show them a safe haven …

[Suddenly the demon pauses and looks at the broken clock with which he hit Bardul, and then at the dwarf himself.]

[Wilhelm] [to Zack, but basically to himself] Why does Drachenfels keep him here… and why does he give him these clocks?

[At this point, the clock begins to rebuild itself. However, now it only has one hand left, and instead of twelve hours, there are thirteen. The only hand is moving very fast in the wrong direction.]

[Wilhelm] Hm, I wonder what does that do? [suddenly to Zack] Okay, enough chit-chat. We’ve got too many adventurers in the wrong and blessed places. Zack follow me.

[Zack] Yh.

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