Act 1

Scene 5: Pox! You’re it!

astle chamber. In the centre there is a table and four chairs, one of which has been clearly chewed on and is lying overturned. There are traces of mucus on the floor and table. On opposite sides of the stage there are two doors. In front of one of them sits a small, round, greenish creature with one watery eye and a large mouth, dripping a little mucus and emitting an unpleasant odour. At one point, the second door opens and Lorindil, Snori, and Wolfgang enter. The clearly satisfied creature stands up and walks slowly towards the strangers.]

[Snori] By Grungni! What the hell is this ?! A frog?

[Lorindil] Looks like a ball of excrement and smells like one as well.

[Wolfgang] By Ulric!

[Lorindil] “By Ulric”, what?

[Wolfgang] Nothing, cute little fella…

[Snori] [adjusting his grip on the axe] I’m going to make two cute little fellas out of him.

[Lorindil] Wait! Maybe he’s not hostile?

[Snori] But he stinks …

[Lorindil] And if you cut him in half, then what? He’ll start smelling nice?

[The little creature stops right next to the heroes and turns to them.]

[Blup the Nurgling] Wkah ’jdasbja’ sgd ’uysgdaskjxn’ mzbxsss ’sakjhs!

[Snori, Lorindil, Wolfgang] ?

[At this point, Wilhelm comes out of the wall (literally), stands next to the Nurgling, pats it on the head in a friendly manner, and turns to the adventurers.]

[Wilhelm] Gentlemen, can I be of assistance with your language difficulties?

[Snori] No, but you can tell us what the ball is saying.

[Wilhelm nudges the Nurgling with the tip of his shoe.]

[Wilhelm] Whjsa ’ghjasgd’ asdsanb?

[Blup] Wkah ’jdasbja’ sgd ’uysgdaskjxn’ mzbxsss ’sakjhs!

[Wilhelm] He says, “Blup wants play” … “to”, I suppose.

[Blup walks over to Wolfgang. He pats the human with his hand.]

[Blup] Wshgd ’kajhdskajshd’ kquwfdsdb ’cjsdfsndfbs’ sadfjhfs ’aksjhdda!

[Then he swiftly turns and runs out of the room, quickly moving his little legs.]

[Wolfgang] What did the little one say?

[William] The little one said: “Pox! You’re it! ”. Charming, isn’t it?

[Wolfgang] Hyhy.

[Wolfgang pats Snori on the shoulder and walks away from him in a hurry.]

[Wolfgang] Pox! You’re it!

[Snori] Why ya…

[Snori looks upset and kicks Lorindil’s ankle.]

[Snori] Pox, damn it! You’re it, you are!

[Lorindil looks at Snori, looks at Wolfgang, looks at Wilhelm, looks at Snori again, then slaps his head with his open palm.]

[Lorindil] Imbeeeecileeeees …

[Wilhelm] [chuckling] You know… This game wasn’t this funny among us demons.

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