Act 1

Scene 4: Snitch

castle corridor lit by candles. On the walls, there are paintings depicting battles, as well as one portrait of Constant Drachenfels. A thick crimson carpet lies on the floor. In the centre of the wall, facing the audience, a half-open door, from behind which the sounds of a conversation, or rather a monologue, can be heard. From the left, Wilhelm enters with a stroll. He cleans a speck of dust from the frame of one of the paintings with his finger, sighs, and then turns to the audience.]

[Wilhelm] You know … obviously, there is a certain amount of chaos in our little demonic society. However, this does not mean that certain rules do not apply. I’ll show you something. [produces a little book called “Demonic Code of Honour” out of his coat pocket, flicks a few pages] Oh yes, here it is: “Who among the demons, undead or etheric beings tells on other demons, undead or etheric beings, or for that matter, brownnoses a mortal; he is to be considered an unworthy reptile and may he perish (or die if possible)! ” [he hides the book and slowly walks towards the slightly ajar door] Ever since our Great Lord got himself another pet, this rule is constantly being broken. [short pause] What am I referring to? Well, this animal is a parrot that repeats to our Lord everything it hears… And … Well, see for yourselves.

[Wilhelm goes to the door and opens with theatrical excess. The eyes of the audience witness a small room, in the middle of which there is a marble table with a large golden cage on it. Inside the cage there is a sizeable gold and purple parrot. There is also a ghoul at the table. He is wearing an apron and a chef’s hat. Leaning on the table, he speaks loudly and clearly to the parrot.]

[Maurice] …sometimes, when I see the sacrifices of our Lord Drachenfels, all his efforts, my heart weeps…

left out there by himself, surrounded only by demonic creeps!

One of them, a servant, looks like his planning an attack.

Careful, my Lord, he’ll stab you in the back!

It was me speaking, Maurice.

[Maurice with an expression of obvious satisfaction on his worn face turns to leave and meets Wilhelm on his way. The servant is standing in a position of leaning against a non-existent wall and examining his claws. Surprised, Maurice takes a step back.]

[Wilhelm] Well now…

[Maurice] [nervously] Eh, hello Wilhelm, did you come to look at the parrot too?

[Wilhelm] Yeah, the parrot…

[Wilhelm stretches out points his finger at the ghoul and utters an incantation. Maurice is struck by a beam of black energy flowing from Wilhelm’s hand. Maurice becomes a pile of unpleasantly smelling ash. Wilhelm walks calmly towards the cage, avoids the smouldering remains of Maurice in a wide arc and turns to the parrot.]

[Wilhelm] Dinner will be a bit later today. My cook burnt…  This was me speaking, Wilhelm.

[Turns to the audience.]

[Wilhelm] You see how it is… I think it’s time to check what’s going on with our guests. Please follow me.

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