Act 3

Scene 5: Jack the Ripper

he stage is divided in half by doors placed sideways to the audience. On the left side there is a hallway and a chamber on the right side. The chamber is all decorated in black. Red ominous light shines through a window. There is an “altar” by the wall opposite the door. It is something like a picture frame up of many human and inhuman skulls. Inside this frame, a symbol of a scorpion is painted on the wall. A golden figure of an idol with four arms is attached to the frame above it. On the floor underneath it there is a golden bowl filled with blood. In the middle of the floor of the room there is a painted circle. In the circle there is a table on the edges of which stand candlesticks made of black iron. Flames of pitch-black candles flicker in the candlesticks. There more golden bowls with blood on the table. At one point, Gottfried, Yorri, and Lithaniel appear in the hallway in the other half of the scene. The human hurriedly opens the door and all three run into the room. They  slam the door shut and fall underneath it, panting heavily. After a while, Jack literally crashes against the door, falls on his back and immediately stands up. Then he starts to furiously attack the doors, slashing with his claws and kicking them.]

[Yorri] [with anxiety] Holy crap, as a troll slayer I’m looking for death, but not at the hands of a halfling! What’s with all that?! That is not a glorious death!

[Gottfried] [gasping] Hey, it’s just a little halfling, let’s get a grip …

[Lithaniel] Little, furious, possessed, claw-handed halfling, Gottfried.

[Yorri] Well, we gotta figure something out, he’ll break through that door soon.

[Lithaniel] [calmly, nodding] You’re right, we’re not going to stop you.

[Yorri] [surprised] What?

[Lithaniel] It’s nice of you to volunteer to go out there and whack that little bastard.

[Yorri] Hey, hey, hey … Oh no, you don’t, you tree-hugger.

[Gottfried] Wait, let’s sort it out like adults … Let’s play “paper, rock, scissors”.

[Yorri] You must be crazy, I’m not gonna…

[At this point, one of Jack’s claws breaks through to the other side of the door. The halfling redoubles his efforts.]

[Yorri] Okay! Let’s do it, we don’t have time to look for other options.

[All three gather in front of the door.]

[Gottfried] Ready? On “three”. One, two… Three!

[Lithaniel shows a stone, Gottfried shows a stone as well, and Yorri shows scissors.]

[Yorri] Damn! Gods protect me …

[Lithaniel] Yeah, see ya later, or not.

[Gottfried] Stop, if he chops him to pieces, we play again rock, paper, scissors again. For the sake of us, let’s hope he succeeds.

[Yorri] [reproachfully] Thanks guys, you’re real chums. Okay, let’s get it over with …

[Gottfried next to the door and Lithaniel stands behind Yorri. The dwarf draws his axe and assumes combat position. Gottfried swiftly opens the door, Lithaniel pushes Yorri out, then the human slams the door shut again.]

[Gottfried] [leaning against the wall] Ugh…

[Yorri crashes into Jack with force and they both fall over. Then, they immediately get up, stand facing each other for a moment, and then Jack attacks the dwarf. He sticks his talons into the dwarf’s belly and slashes across his face, gouging out his right eye. Yorri lets out a horrible scream and he reflexively hits the halfling’s forehead with the shaft of his axe. Jack falls to the floor, stunned. The dwarf starts desperately knocking on the door.]

[Lithaniel] Don’t let him in! He should fight to the end!

[Yorri] You narrow-loin bastard, I’ll tear your ears off, if you don’t open this door!!! Open damn it!

[Gottfried] [hesitating] I think we should let him in.

[Lithaniel] Nah, he’s doing just fine.

[Yorri] Aaaa! If I die here, I’ll kill you, you leaf-loving asshole!

[Lithaniel] [nodding] See? He’s doing great.

[Gottfried finally opens the door. The dwarf rushes in, and the human slams the door shut again.]

[Yorri] [swaying on his feet, pointing to the elf with his finger] When I get out of this … There will be murder …

[Lithaniel] [to Gottfried] Is he asking me to kill him?

[Yorri falls face down on the floor.]

[Gottfried] [concerned] Take those bowls of blood off the table, we’ll put him on it and I’ll try… [as if he realized something] Bowls of blood ?!

[Lithaniel] We might have forgotten to check where we ended up this time.

[The adventurers start looking around the room in horror.]

[Gottfried] I have a bad feeling about this. Do you have any idea what is this place?

[Lithaniel] [ironically] I have a theory … [pointing at the dwarf] I don’t think he should bleed in here. [taking the bowls off the table] You need to patch him up as soon as possible. [grabbing the dwarf’s legs] Come on, let’s move the little stinker.

[Gottfried grabs the dwarf by the armpits and struggles to help the elf lay him down on the table. The man wipes the sweat off his brow with his sleeve. He then spreads his hands over Yorri, and begins to mumble healing spells. The blood stops flowing. In the meantime, the hitting on the door is heard again. The elf walks away from the table and starts looking at the altar. At one point, he reaches into the bowl beneath it and produces a long, curved ritual dagger.]

[Gottfried] [distracted] Hey, what are you doing there? Don’t touch that!

[Lithaniel] [coldly] Do your job and I’ll do mine.

[At this point, Jack tears the door apart and steps over the threshold. Blood is dripping down his forehead. The halfling twists his face into a maddened grin again and moves towards his former comrades.]

[Lithaniel acts quickly. He runs to the table, pushes the surprised human aside, and skillfully kicks the dwarf off the table. When the halfling reaches Lithaniel, the elf gracefully avoids his claws and stabs his opponent with the ritual dagger straight through the heart. Jack opens his mouth in a silent scream. Lithaniel, on the other hand, grabs him and quickly throws him on the table. At the same time, the candles explode with brighter flames, yet the room somehow feels much darker. Blood overflows from the bowls and spills over the floor of the room.]

[Gottfried] [horrified] What’s going on ?! What are you doing?!

[Lithaniel] [demoniacally] Shut up, human!

[The elf’s eyes glow blood red. Lithaniel grabs the dagger and mumbles a prayer. Then, he cuts and stabs Jack multiple times. Blood flows in trickles all over the table and floor. The dwarf lying on the floor begins to sink in it, but Gottfried comes to his aid. After some time, the elf completes the ritual and the halfling’s body freezes.]

[Lithaniel] [whispering] Khaela Mensha Khaine.

[Gottfried] Are you quite finished, yet?

[Lithaniel] [happily] I am.

[Gottfried] What was that all about? What happened here? Why were your eyes glowing?

[Lithaniel] We have an old elven saying: “Who asks questions, becomes worm food.”

[Gottfried] [surprised] Never heard such a saying.

[Lithaniel] Now you did. Let’s get out of here.

[Gottfried] [waking the dwarf, to Lithaniel] You’re not leaving that dagger here?

[Lithaniel] [tucking the weapon under his belt, with amusement] Never know which one of us will go crazy next, right?

[Gottfried] [to himself, looking anxiously at the elf] I think I know the answer to that one …

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