Act 1

Scene 8: I have walked the Void

op floor of one of the castle’s towers. It’s divided into two parts by a wall. In one part there is only a hatch in the middle of the floor. There are wide open doors in the wall. In the centre of the second part, an open cage hangs on a large iron hook. It could easily accommodate a creature slightly larger than a human. A trail of mucus runs from the cage and suddenly breaks off at the door. There is a rusty crowbar in the corner of the room. Above the door, on the ceiling, hanging upside down stuck firmly with his tentacle legs, a Chaos Warrior, bearing the symbol of the Chaos god Tzeentch, hangs. He has black skin and is so mutated that he no longer even resembles a humanoid. His face changes constantly in irregular intervals. Sometimes it resembles a human face, other times it is completely pink, expressionless. Sometimes it mutates into a face of twisted animal. The creature also has a tail ending in a club and its horns resemble the horns of a bull. One of the tentacles holds a sword, while the mutated body is covered in some places with the remnants of an old chain shirt and clothes. The room is so high that while hanging from the ceiling, the warrior is about half a meter above the door. There he awaits his victims intently. Movement is heard in the part of the room with the hatch. After a while the hatch opens and the dwarf’s red crest emerges. Snori clumsily pulls himself up the hatch and is followed by his companions.]

[Snori] Can anyone tell me how the hell, being already inside the main goddamn building of the castle, we got into a damn tower?!

[Lorindil] We walked through a wall…

[Snori] Be quiet! I do not accept something like that to happen, unless we were drinking all night and I got so drunk that I don’t even remember having been drinking.

[Snori looks around the room with irritation.]

[Snori] And you, stunt double, what will you say?

[Wolfgang] [looking over the shoulder] Me? But what will I say?

[Lorindil] The theory that humans are descended from apes is a big piece of nonsense. The only thing I can believe is that apes come from humans …

[Snori] Yeah, and humans from elves. Okay, whatever, let’s see what’s in the other room, then we’ll do some basement scavenging.

[Lorindil] Who actually made you the leader?

[Snori] I have the most leadership points in the party you junior sub-rank tree hugger. Now, follow me.

[Snori enters the room, followed by the elf and human.]

[Snori] Um, great, an empty cage… We can, I don’t know, make a swing out of it. Lads, follow me, there’s nothing here.

[Lorindil] [observing the traces of mucus] I’m afraid to look up … Wolfgang, look up.

[At this point, the Chaos Warrior detaches from the ceiling and lands on the floor, blocking the exit. Wolfgang looks up.]

[Wolfgang] Nothing there, just a stain.


[Snori] Okay guys, let’s get those weapons out, the axe wants slime!

[The dwarf reaches for his axe, but he does it so clumsily that it slips out of his hands and, having flown the entire length of the room, falls out the narrow window.]

[Snori] [frustrated] Damn. Rune of returning, eh?! Yeah, right! Stupid demon!

[Lorndil] [pulling out a dagger] Bravo general, now we will have to count on the combat abilities of the orangutan.

[Snori] Don’t be so hard on yourself … with this little dagger you look more like a weasel than an orangutan.

[Wolfgang] [taking out his sword] By Ulric!

[Wolfgang lunges in a maddened attack on the mutant. He deals one powerful blow, which misses the target, but makes a large bruise in the wall. The monster parries the second blow with its sword. Then, both their weapons get in contact with each other and the Ulrican’s sword immediately turns to dust.]

[Lorindil] Damn.

[Wolfgang] [with despair in his voice] My sword!

[The party moves back and the mutant slowly crawls towards them.]

[Lorindil] Snori! How high are we ?!

[Snori] [looking out the window] Oh shit… About thirty meters. The highest, damn, tower of this castle.

[The monster, taking advantage of the distraction of the opponents, lashes out with its tail and hits Wolfgang in the head. The man falls immediately unconscious. Snori seeing this grabs the crowbar lying by the wall.]

[Snori] No one hits my idiot and gets away with it!

[The dwarf throws himself at the mutant and starts hitting it with the crowbar targeting the constantly mutating face. The beast, squealing in pain, tries to escape with all its strength, but Snori, steps on its tentacles and starts hitting with redoubled efforts. After some time, the massacred beast falls dead. The dwarf breathes heavily. With bloodshot eyes he looks at the rest of the party. He throws away the crowbar and approaches the lying Wolfgang. He stands there for a while, then starts kicking the Ulrican hard on the head.]

[Snori] Get up, you goddamn loafer! Get up, I say! I threw away my axe because of you!

[The elf looks at the maddened dwarf with confusion. He picks up the crowbar, then applies a more brutal version of the “sleep” spell to his companion. He walks around the room for a moment with the crowbar in his hand, then takes out some notes of his travel bag.]

[Lorindil] [reading aloud] “… it is said that the highest tower of the castle is called the Tower of Frenzy.” What an extremely coincidental name…

[The elf hides the notes. He walks over to the mutant. He kicks away a tentacle and raises the sword.]

[Lorindil] [looking at the weapon] Hm. Nice, decent job.

[At this point, the elf’s eyes suddenly glow with purple light. He bursts into flames for a short while, then the fires go out and he is unharmed. The elf picks up the necklace with the symbol of Tzeentch.]

[Lorindil] [with a demonic whisper] I have walked the Void… Here time is the traveller and I am the constant.

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