Act 1

Scene 2: Here they come

road leading to the main gate of the Castle, about a hundred meters from the main gate. A team of adventurers is approaching. The party consists of: an elf archer, Lorindil, dressed in light green travel clothing, with a long bow slung over his shoulder and a dagger tucked in his belt; a dwarf, Snori, troll slayer, orange mohawk, leather clothes and a big axe; a human knight, Wolfgang in his armour, wielding a sword, blonde hair, wolfskin coat, eyes longing for reason. When they come closer, Wilhelm comes out from behind one of the towers. Seeing the newcomers, he hides a chain he held in his hand behind his back and whispers over his shoulder.]

[Wilhelm] Fluffy! You great big oaf, turn into something that resembles a dog or something, or you’ll scare the guests!

[Wilhelm turns to the adventurers with a smile of innocence stuck to his lips. His face shows signs of insecurity as a muted magic incantation is heard from behind him. A chain dropping heavily to the ground is heard. A Yorkshire Terrier puppy appears to the audience. The party moves towards the demons.]

[Wilhelm] [whispering] An ironic beast you are, Fluffy…

[Wolfgang] Hey!

[Wilhelm] [fearfully] Hey!

[Lorindil] Who are you good man?

[Wilhelm anxiously looks over his shoulder for a moment in search of the good man who has sneaked up on him from behind, then shrugs and turns back to the adventurers.]

[Wilhelm] I am Wilhelm, I work in this castle. Do the gentlemen wish to stay with us?

[Snori] What the crap are you babbling about, man?! There’s no living soul in this castle and it’s been so for ages now!

[Wilhelm] [after a moment’s thought] Yes.

[Snori] Ha! So you lie! You’ve come for me gold!

[Wilhelm] [calmly] No. Besides, there is no gold in the Grey Mountains.

[Snori] Whadda ya say, lass? While, I’ll show you whose head isn’t where it is!

[Lorindil] Take it easy, Snori. Good man, we have heard, from an undoubtedly credible source, that at present the castle is not occupied by anyone and it stands empty. Hence our surprise to see you here, with a mouse as a companion…

[Fluffy] * bark *

[Lorindil] …um, with a dog. Would you like to explain to us the intricacies of this situation?

[Snori] In short: talk bastard, why ya here and have you touched my gold yet?

[Wolfgang] By Ulric’s name!

[Wilhelm] [as if leaning against a non-existent wall and looking at his claws] Yeah. Well, the story is a bit lengthy, and since it’s going to rain [at this point the first raindrops are falling] maybe I’d better tell you everything inside?

[Lorindil] Indeed, it is a good idea.

[Snori] Watch out you bastard, I have an eye on you.

[Wolfgang] By Ulric!

[Wilhelm] Yes, yes, you gentlemen go first.

[Then he points them to the gate with a gesture of his hand, and when our heroes move forward, Wilhelm and Fluffy silently enter the warpway in the wall.]

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