Act 3, Scene 10: The Troll Slayer’s grim secret

oes this sound familiar?

Player: So I’m gonna be… a Troll Slayer! He’s cool and has wicked stats.

GM: Okay, but you know you’re gonna use those stats to die in the most spectacular way possible?

Player: Yeah, but with within boundaries of…

GM: No.

Player: Right, so can I use my axe with a shield?

GM: No. Right, what horrible crime have you committed that you’ve decided to become a Troll Slayer?

Player: Er… Well, a dreadful one, obviously.

GM: Yeah, so what was it?

Player: That’s a secret!

[curtain falls]

Anyway, today on Drach Tales, the axe wants blood. Act 3, Scene 10: The Troll Slayer’s grim secret. Enjoy.

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