Act 2

Scene 4: Fire and Darkness

astle dungeons, entrance to the torture chambers. Old stone walls, low vaulted ceilings. All scorched from torches burning thousands of years. Darkness and sinister silence are overwhelming. Facing the audience, a huge iron door built into an old brick wall. Suddenly, Wilhelm drops through the ceiling and lands on his bottom.]

[Wilhelm] [struggling to get up] Damn. If only I would remember how to get here without using the warpways. This last drop is insane. [looking around] Right … not many changes around here, I see. Figures.

[The demon walks to the door and knocks cautiously.]

[Wilhelm] [hesitating a bit] Hello? Anyone there?

[There is silence.]

[Wilhelm] [with a sigh] Okay, this is not the correct approach.

[Wilhelm puts his hands out in front of him, mutters a magic incantation, black flames appear on his hands. The flames soon turn into a magic projectile that hits the door with great force. The door is slightly smoking but otherwise remains intact.]

[Wilhelm] [rolling his eyes] Come on! They overkill it with the quality of their products.

[Suddenly, there is a sound of turning mechanisms and a screeching of metal. The door handle drops down with a crunch. The door opens. At first, a cloud of black and yellow sulfur dust emerges from the half-open door. Then, when the door opens a little more, an ominous flame bursts towards Wilhelm. Finally, when the door is opened fully, a silhouette engulfed in smoke emerges. A dwarf stands at the threshold. His head is adorned with many tiny horns. A large copper skull-shaped buckle is pinned to his beard. His red robes are partially covered with decorated armor of great quality. There is a huge pistol behind his belt.]

[Zahrruk] [scowling at Wilhelm] Oh, it’s you. Did you knock?

[The demonic servant straightens his cuffs.]

[Wilhelm] Indeed. [looking around the dungeon] I see that you have settled here nicely. Yup, and trust me, I agree, cleaning IS overrated.

[There is silence.]

[Wilhelm] Yes … Well, to the point … I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we have a kind of a problem with a siege.


[Wilhelm] And, well … You know … All hands on deck and stuff.


[Wilhelm] It’s in our all best interest and all …


[Wilhelm] And Herr Drachenfels also ordered …

[Zahrruk] [surprised] Drachenfels needs help with a siege? What the hell is besieging us, then?!

[Wilhelm] [slightly embarrassed] Well no, you see … Drachenfels is not in the Castle at present and …

[Zahrruk] Oh.

[The dwarf starts closing the door.]

[Wilhelm] [blocking the door with his foot] Hey! Wait! What are you doing?! This is your problem as well! Eventually, the attackers will reach these dungeons, and then …

[Zahrruk is about to answer when another dwarf holding a simple, iron, horned crown in his hand emerges from the depths of the dungeons. He is dressed like Zahrruk.]

[Krodyg] [to Zahrruk] Hey, look what they found during a raid. They took it off along with the head of some orc.

[Zahrruk] What is it?

[Krodyg] Elder says some Crown of Nagash or something. [noticing Wilhelm] What’s he doing here? [to Wilhelm] You lost? There a toilet to unclog or what?

[Wilhelm] [rolling his eyes] You’re a clog, you fool. I’m trying to save your life and …

[Krodyg] [waving his hand] Okay, shut up. [handing the crown to Zahrruk] Check it out, it talks.

[Zahrruk lifts the crown to his ear and then starts giggling.]

[Zahrruk] [mocking the crown] “My will be done”, “Bring forth the darkness” haha, what an idiot.

[Krodyg] Yeah, like some kind of motivational bard or something. [walking back into the depths of the dungeon] Okay, fun’s over, got slaver work to do. Get rid of that demonic moron, sulfur is escaping through that open door.

[Zahrruk] [harshly to Wilhelm] Did you hear that? Scram!

[Wilhelm] [hysterically] But they’re attacking us!

[Zahrruk] There he goes again, on and on like that crown. [putting the crown to his ear, speaking to it] Wait. What’s that? What ya sayin’? Oh, ok, I’ll tell him. [to Wilhelm] Hey Wilhelm … it’s Nagash. He says you need to sod off.

[Wilhelm] [irritated, through his teeth] Right, you ugly bearded kettle, but tell me… What exactly are you and your companions going to do, when the entire imperial army including priests, mages and whatnot comes a-knocking?

[The dwarf reaches for his pistol and presents it to Wilhelm. The demonic servant looks at him for a moment and then bursts out laughing.]

[Wilhelm] What? What are you going to do with this little pistol of yours?! Hahaha! You wouldn’t shoot a pigeon with it!

[Without a single word the dwarf points his gun at Wilhelm and then fires. There is a terrifying explosion coming from the barrel of the gun, accompanied by a demonic roar, shaking the foundations of the castle. Wilhelm flies away and hits the wall with force and slides down, smoking.]

[Wilhelm] Ouch …

[Zahrruk slams the door shut.]

[Wilhelm] [to himself] Ok, won’t achieve anything here. I need to come up with something else.

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