Act 2

Scene 12: Stop dispelling me

reat Chamber of Summoning. A huge room with a ceiling in the shape of a giant dome and a diameter of several dozen meters. There are mirrors and paintings depicting various scenes from the  Void on the walls. They have strangely decorated frames depicting demons and tortured souls. A large copper octagram is mounted in the floor in the center of the room. Wilhelm, who is slightly battered, stands in the middle of it.]

[Wilhelm] [breathing heavily] Damn, there are too many of them. They’re gonna get me. Maybe I should ask some friends for help…

[The demon looks around the chamber.]

[Wilhelm] [irritated] Right, of course. Of all the castle chambers, this one just had to be clean and empty of any kind of summoning material!

[Suddenly two soldiers with halberds burst through the door into the chamber.]

[Wilhelm] [to himself] Oh, the material showed up.

[Frederic] [pointing at Wilhelm] He’s here!

[Karl] And he’s alone! Get him!

[Both soldiers run towards Wilhelm with halberds. The demon waits until the last moment, then with lightning speed  he deflects the polearms with his claws. He uses force that the weapons fall out of the attackers’ hands. Then Wilhelm runs up to them and unceremoniously rips out their larynx. The soldiers fall dead to the floor. The blood oozing from their corpses begins to trickle and seems to be attracted by the octagram. The symbol is quickly covered with the blood and then seems to vibrate and give off a delicate bloody vapor.]

[Wilhelm] [watching the effects of his actions with satisfaction] Okay, time for some waving and chanting.

[The demonic servant stands in the center of the octagram and begins to draw intricate symbols in air with his gestures, mumbling verses in demonic speech. In response, the mirror surfaces begin to wavy slightly. After a long moment, Brother Albert, Gustav, Kurt and some fifteen imperial soldiers run through the door into the chamber.]

[Kurt] [pointing to Frederic’s body, with satisfaction in his voice] Ha! Told ya, I heard Frederic!

[Gustav] [with a scolding gaze] Sigmar protect him.

[Kurt] [realizing the situation] Oh right, bollocks. But I told ya!

[Brother Albert] [pointing to Wilhelm, addressing Kurt and Gustav] Silence! We have to stop whatever he’s doing!

[Wilhelm] [in a loud and echoing voice] Ha! Too late, you lowly bastards!

[With a wave of his hand, the demon closes the door, which suddenly disappears and appears on the other side of the chamber behind him. Then the blood collected on the octagram rises upwards and begins to whirl around Wilhelm. It then splashes around him, sprinkling red drops on everyone, as well as on the mirrors and canvases all over the chamber. Moments later, the demons of the blood god Khorne begin to emerge from the mirrors. Demons are humanoid. Even though they are stooped, they still tower over the terrified humans. They have horns and they’re wield flaming swords. In total, eight of them emerge. Imperial soldiers huddle together behind the backs of Brother Albert, Kurt and Gustav in fear.]

[Brother Albert] [with eyes wide open] By Sigmar!

[Wilhelm] [with satisfaction in his voice] Yes, checkmate assholes! [to the demons, in demonic speech] Take them! You can eat their souls.

[Brother Albert hesitantly draws his war hammer, and Kurt and Gustav raise their swords just as hesitantly. Several imperial soldiers faint. At this point, however, the door behind Wilhelm opens. Fluffy joyfully runs through it, dragging Rupert after him. The human falls into the room and lands with a crash on the floor, hitting it with his face. Helmut runs in after them. The door slams shut behind them.]

[Helmut] [looking at the scene unfolding in front of him] Hey … What on Ulric’s pants is going on here?

[Rupert] [lifting himself off the floor] Oh my, I guess I got hit too hard this time.

[Fluffy] [happily] * bark *

[Wilhelm] [looking back] Oh, Fluffy, good. Come here, help finish off this lousy lot.

[Fluffy] * bark *

[To the amazement of all humans, Fluffy runs up to the group of demons that has emerged from the mirror. To the audience’s even greater amazement, the demons, seeing Fluffy, immediately turn towards him and take a hesitant step back.]

[Fluffy] [to the demons] * bark *

[One of the demons instinctively raises a flaming sword, shielding his face. Another one swallows and takes a step towards Fluffy and speaks to him.]

[Xygrotharxos] [to Fluffy] Hrygsaht’at?

[Fluffy] * bark *

[Xygrotharxos] [hesitantly pointing at the humans with his flaming sword] Khaternathos ?!

[Fluffy] [growling and showing his little fangs] * bark *!

[All the demons take two steps back and stare helplessly at Wilhelm.]

[Wilhelm] [to Fluffy] Hey! What are you doing?! You’ve gone mad or something?! Just you wait, I’ll show you…

[Wilhelm approaches Fluffy, but at this point the doggie-demon opens its tiny mouth. A deafening, terrifying roar, many times louder than a roar of a dragon is heard. Everyone gathered fly away and crash against the walls of the chamber. The humans and Wilhelm are stunned. The Khorne demons escape through the portals in the mirrors from which they emerged with battered expressions on their faces. Taking advantage of the moment of confusion, Fluffy runs to one of the mirrors and sticks his head through the portal. He rummages in there for a moment, then pulls out a long, thick, silver chain. The little dog then pulls the chain across the room and places it next to the unconscious Brother Albert.]

[Fluffy] * bark *

[After that bark, everyone wakes up and staggers to their feet. Wilhelm grabs his head, then opens his jaw slightly, trying to unclog his ears.]

[Wilhelm] [to Fluffy] You’ll pay for this, you mean little bastard. Okay, I’ll handle them myself!

[The demon mutters an incantation and a black flame appears in his hand.]

[Fluffy] * bark *

[The flame in Wilhelm’s hand goes out immediately.]

[Wilhelm] [looking at his hand] Hey! Stop that!

[The demon mutters again and the flame reappears.]

[Fluffy] * bark *

[The flame goes out.]

[Wilhelm] [hysterically] Quit it! Stop dispelling me!

[This continues a few more times, then Wilhelm bends in half and seems out of breath.]

[Kurt] [to Brother Albert] Excellency, now is our chance! Time to act.

[Brother Albert] [frowning] But how?

[Fluffy] [pushing the chain closer to Brother Albert’s leg with his nose] * bark *

[The Inquisitor hesitantly lifts the chain.]

[Brother Albert] [to Fluffy] A chain?

[Fluffy] [pointing at the pendant with the symbol of Sigmar on the inquisitor’s neck with his paw] * barks *

[Brother Albert] [grabbing the pendant in his hand, hesitantly] What?

[At this point Rupert and Helmut run up to them.]

[Rupert] [to Brother Albert] Excellency, the doggie seems to want you to bless this chain.

[Fluffy] [wagging his tail happily] * bark *

[Kurt] [raising an eyebrow] Eh, okay, but I guess we’ll do that after the battle, because now we have to [pointing at Wilhelm] do something with him.

[Fluffy] [slightly snarling at Kurt] * bark *

[The man takes a step back fearfully.]

[Gustav] [to Kurt] No, you idiot. His Excellency will bless the chain and we will bind this demonic smartass with it.

[Fluffy] [happily again] * bark *

[Brother Albert immediately mumbles a hasty blessing. Seeing this, Wilhelm opens his eyes wide, gathers himself, and quickly starts running towards the door. When he’s almost there…]

[Fluffy] * bark *

[The door disappears and appears on the opposite side of the chamber behind the backs of the Imperial soldiers. Wilhelm hits the wall with force and slumps to the floor.]

[Wilhelm] [with pain in his voice] Shit.

[Kurt and Gustav run up to the demon with the silver chain and instantly tie Wilhelm up like a turkey. The knights then throw the demon on the floor in front of Brother Albert.]

[Wilhelm] [to Fluffy, with pain in his voice] Why ?!

[Fluffy] * bark *

[Wilhelm] “Fun”?! I’ll give you “fun”, you traitor!

[Rupert] [to Helmut, whispering] I wonder why he didn’t run through a portal in the wall as usual?

[Wilhelm] [picking up Rupert’s whisper, mockingly] “Why didn’t he run”, “why didn’t he run” … Do warpways work in the Great Chamber of Summoning?! Do they?! No you idiot, they don’t! Wiseass!

[Brother Albert] [imperiously] Silence! [to Kurt and Gustav] Have the pyres and torches ready. We will cleanse this place of evil with fire!

[Kurt and Gustav] [happily] It’s the Sigmar way!

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